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Siva Installation

India: In 2005, an India based member of diversified SIVA Group , with sales of INR 1.68 billion with significant interests in renewable energy including Wind Farm development, Steel casting foundry, Plastic Injection Moulding, formed Siva Wind turbine with Head Office in Perundurai in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. USA – Established in 2020, with headquarters in Buffalo, NY, Siva Powers America has been focused on optimizing the Siva system for the North American Market and establishing a strong domestic manufacturing facility. We are currently is in the process of purchasing land and building a new 10,000 square foot, $2.5 million wind turbine assembly facility in the Lockport Industrial Development Agency (IDA) park in Lockport, NY. The proposal is to build a DW turbine assembly facility as the first step and add blade manufacturing to the facility as step 2. The entire facility is to be powered by on site generation using wind and solar PV.

Installation & Maintenance

Siva can manage the installation of your Wind Turbine from purchase, though commissioning. We provide our customers a comprehensive and streamlined approach to wind turbine installation. By leveraging our expertise and experience as an EPC provider, we will reduce your risk and costs, mitigate permitting and interconnection compliance, and ensure a successful project outcome. Whether you’re ready for your annual maintenance or looking for support with unplanned servicing, we offer customized and flexible support to fit your needs. Our technical expertise and rigor when performing scheduled maintenance will keep your Siva turbines online and producing by servicing major systems within the turbine to avoid potential downtime and underperformance.


Our Projects

Siva 250/50, installed and successfully generating electricity in private wind farm in Portland, from the year 2010. Another two turbines, one each at Rhode Island and State of Hanover already installed.

United States of America

Siva 250/50 on 50m Tubular Tower generating power as part of Wind-Diesel Hybrid system in Kao Tao Island, Thailand. First of its kind in Asian Islands. Repeat order followed and already supplied.


First wind energy project forming part of Smart-grid initiative by Korea Electricity Power Corporation (KEPCO) implemented by KOSPO in GAPADO Island, that includes Solar, Diesel and 2 numbers of Siva 250/50 Windturbines installed successfully.

Republic of Korea

Two turbines of Siva 250/50 was supplied without tower through successful German tenderer after stringent due diligence performed by M/s.Windprospect Ltd, UK in Siva Windturbine facility at Perundurai. Planning on going for installation of several turbines including Northern Island.

East Midland Airport, United Kingdom

Smalininkai Community Installed Siva 250/50 as their preferred windturbine for their community project; optimum for their Wind Class and grid availability with excellent local service backup assured for twenty years. Several more turbines are installed at Skudos and Vilnius region.

Lithuania, EU

Siva 250/50 designed to withstand 350 grid drops yearly and erratic grid conditions. Several Turbines installed and successfully generating power upto 525,000 kwh per year. Repeat orders from satisfied customers are routine and several projects are ongoing.


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