Our Turbines

Our Turbines

Our  turbines are  built on technology proven over several generations, ensuring industry –leading reliability, serviceability and availability. Durable and dependable, designed to reduce the risk of downtime and safeguard the stability of your investment.

With an average availability above 95%, these turbines reduces cost and business risk to an unparalleled level. Their design and performance ensure that you can produce energy from low, medium, or  high wind onshore and island sites at the lowest possible cost.

The latest generation of the SIVA range of turbines incorporates improved yaw system and, quality components from the best among European suppliers, – lowering your operating costs by simplifying turbine serviceability.

Siva 250/50kW

Rated Capacity 250kW
Tower Heights: 30 / 40 / 50m
Rotor Diameter: 30 Diameter
Tower Type: Steel monopole

Uses: Farms, dairy and food processing sites, machine shops, factories, mid-sized municipality needs such as wastewater treatment and locally owned/Co-operative generation scenarios  With AEP Table. 

Certification : Siva 250/50 has been deployed since the year 2008. IEC 61400-11 Type certified by DNV, Denmark in the year 2008 and IEC 61400-13 Load measurements,IEC 61400-12-1 Power curve Measurements carried out by Centre for Wind Energy Technology (CWET) Govt.of India, an accredited laboratory is the most successful model among all Siva turbine ranges.

Siva U57 - 750kW

Rated Capacity 750kW

Tower Heights: 50 / 60 / 68m

Rotor Diameter: 57 Diameter

Tower Type: Steel monopole

Uses: medium to large farms, dairy and food processing sites, larger municipality needs such as wastewater treatment, locally owned/Co-operative generation scenarios, and suitable for larger schools and colleges.-With AEP Table



 Horizontal axis, Upwind

 Rated Power






 Design Class




 Hub Height









 12.5 m/s

 11.5 m/s

 11.5 m/s


 25 m/s

 25 m/s

 25 m/s






 Swept Area




 Tip Speed

 65.4 m/s

 70.7 m/s

 74.6 m/s


 Glass / Epoxy

 Tilt Angle

 5 deg

 Cone angle

 2.5 deg

 Operation RPM 

 Variable, 9 - 28 rpm

 Primary brake

 Blade  pitch (aerodynamic)

Pitch System


 Independent blade pitch


 DC electric servo-drive

Drive train


  Direct drive

 Rated Power




 Spherical Graphite Iron Casting

Parking brake


 4 discs, Active hydraulic

Machine frame


 Hot rolled steel, single piece, welds



  Micro-Processor based  PLC

 Remote Control

  Web based (Via ethemer and modern)



 Permanent Magnet, Synchronous

 Rated Power





 IP 54



Grid compatibility


  fn = 1Hz during 0.1 sec

 Over Voltage

 690 VAC x 110% during  0.1 sec

 Under  Voltage

 690 VAC x 90% during  0.1 sec

Service crane


   250kg crane

Power  Converter 


 AC/DC/AC IGBT Inverter








 Hub height




 Number of Sections




Yaw Systems




 3x Asynchronous motor


 Active hydraulic disk brakes

 Yaw bearing

 Ball bearning

Temperature Conditions


  Operate  -15 ~+ 40 °C

  Stand Still -20 ~+ 55 °C

 Cold Climate 

  Operate   -30 ~+ 40 °C

  Stand Still -40 ~+ 55 °C

Lightning Protection


  1 receptor, internal ground conductor


  Lightning brush 


  According to IEC61400-24


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